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A woman with confidence, is a woman with power.

A woman with power can change the world.


What is BOUDOIR?

If you google the dictionary definition of boudoir, you'll get something like this...

"a slightly old-fashioned word for a bedroom...

A boudoir is comfortable and luxurious, and the word itself was popular among the upper class in the 18th century"

So what is boudoir in terms of photography?

again here is a wikipedia definition

"Boudoir photography, or sensual photography, is a photographic style featuring intimate, sensual, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partners. It is distinct from glamour and art nude photography in that it is usually more suggestive rather than explicit in its approach to nudity and sexuality, features subjects who do not regularly model, and produces images that are not intended to be seen by a wide audience, but rather to remain under the control of the subject."

And technically that is all correct, but to me boudoir is also so much more!

For me boudoir is a journey to self discovery, to help you recognize, discover or celebrate your beauty, strength and independence.

Sure many women give their boudoir imagery as a gift to a partner,

but that should be a PERK not THE POINT.

THE POINT should be to celebrate you!


To discover something about yourself, to push your boundaries, to commemorate something new in your life,

to pamper yourself, to instill confidence, to recognize your power and beauty.

Boudoir is no longer just a thing women do before their wedding as a gift to their husbands,

boudoir is a gift for yourself!

And if your partner benefits from this gift to yourself, that's great!

But YOU come first!

"Working with Kara was an amazing experience. Of course the photos are beautiful—she has an eye for capturing moments and people. For me though, the process was just as meaningful (if not more so) than the actual photos I received. From the moment I met Kara, she treated my story and reason for wanting to have boudoir photos taken with sensitivity and grace. For me, having these photos done was not about the end result, it was about the process, stepping into who I am and reclaiming my sexuality—all for me. The session itself was incredibly empowering. From the moment we started, I felt completely at ease with Kara. I felt sexy, sensual, beautiful, and powerful. Throughout the whole shoot she was encouraging me to show my true self and the final photos reflect exactly who I am. If you’re on the fence about booking with Kara—do it! She’s incredible and the whole process is fabulous."

- Sandy



Sexuality in society is confusing for everybody.

But boudoir is not society, boudoir is where you get to make all the rules.

In boudoir, YOU have the power.

Boudoir takes society out of the picture.

Everyday society judges women based on sexuality. We are judged on our clothing, make up, how and what we eat, the subjects we are interested in, the positions we hold at work, even whether or not we smile enough!

We are judged on so many things, and a crazy percentage of those things link back to sexuality.


When you choose boudoir, you are taking society's opinions and judgements and

throwing them out the window! 


Boudoir is a place for you to express yourself and your sexuality in whatever way fits YOU!


You can be whatever makes YOU feel

confident, beautiful, proud, strong, powerful, worthy etc. 

without feeling judgement, objectification or shame.

There is no such thing as too sexy, or not sexy enough.

There is no such thing as too much skin, or too little.

There really is no right or wrong in boudoir.

If being entirely nude makes you feel most confident and strong, great!

If wearing a dress and letting just the shoulder strap fall is how you feel powerful and beautiful, perfect!

When you choose boudoir, you choose yourself first.

This is your time to put aside any outside influence and just be you.


Don't worry about what your parents might think, or what your friends might think, or even what your partner might think.

This is your time to forget every day worries, illness, mental health, age, the never ending to-do list,

and focus on what makes you beautiful, strong, confident and free!

This is a time for you to feel beautiful for YOU.


During your session I don't want you thinking about anyone else.

This is your chance to be wholly and entirely you,

to help you feel confident in adding beautiful, sexy, powerful etc. to the list of things that make you who you are.


I am a photographer, a wife, a business owner, a lover of donuts and onesie pajamas, and I am BEAUTIFUL AND AWESOME. 

Your session is your time to expand your definition of you.

Your images will act as a reminder of how amazing and capable you are everyday.

A reminder that you are deserving of love, acceptance and appreciation, 

that you are powerful, you are beautiful, and


self conscious

Take the leap!

I know in some ways boudoir can seem scary. You are putting yourself out there and letting yourself be vulnerable.

You are letting another person, even if that other person is just me, see what you consider to be your "flaws."


But that is what we need to learn through boudoir

that these "flaws" are not flaws at all!

I know that it can be hard to come to terms with. I always had a list of things I'd love to change about myself, I have body issues I've struggled with, I actually don't know anyone who has never struggled with any self confidence issues.

Everyone has insecurities, nobody looks like the women in the magazines, not even the women in the magazines!


When you look at a piece of art, painstakingly constructed, meticulously crafted, there will still be flaws. But when you look at that piece of art you are looking at it as a whole, the way it is meant to be seen, the way all those details, flaws included, come together to create a masterpiece.

Have you noticed how some companies even manufacture things to have slight flaws so they look more handcrafted?

Because those flaws make it worth more, the handcrafted look is precious, because it means it's real, it means it has a story.

I want everyone to realize the masterpiece that they are!

View themselves as a whole.

This journey starts with how you view yourself, who you are, and how all your details come together.

And confidence is the most beautiful and attractive detail of all!

Have you seen Lizzo in her "Truth Hurts" video, she is a pretty big girl, and sooo sexy with her confidence!

Trust me to help you illustrate your beautiful story, "flaws" and all.

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