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I love scarves, sweaters, boots and all fall type clothes. Narwhals are my favorite animal. I am scared of sloths. I don't drink coffee. Blankets are my jam. I've watched every episode of FRIENDS upwards of 15 times. I love chicken nuggets and tater tots. I love the mountains, they are my home. My husband is from Brazil and I am working on my Portuguese. My husband also works at star liquor, yay wine and whiskey, but weed is still my drug of choice. I love chocolate milk. I love tacos. My hair used to be super super curly and suddenly went away and I miss it. I like dressing up and feeling pretty, but also love wearing sweat pants all day. I almost exclusively wear bralettes and sports bras. My husband and I lived in a shed in my parents backyard for 5 years. I like being in photos almost as much as taking them. I love to daydream. I watch so many shows while I edit photos, so tell me what to binge next. I've actually started to like cooking. I have a hippo onesie I like wearing around the house at night. My go to pandora stations right now are disney children's radio, AJR radio, or hardcore hiphop. I like to dance around my house, even when I am alone. I love the word stoked, it most accurately expresses how I feel lots of the time. I was born and raised in Durango, CO. I am a leap day baby. I love adventures, but also love sleeping. I love laughing at silly memes, and laughing in general. I love cuddles with my husband. I lived in Cape Town South Africa for 7 months. I traveled with Up with People for a year, 6 months without my husband and 6 months with him. I like using exclamation marks!!! I love succulents and air plants, they are about the only real living plants in my house. I love getting to know people and telling stories, and hearing stories, I just love stories.

We are all like a big bouquet of flowers,

and aren't all flowers beautiful?

You may be a rose, or a daisy, or a stargazer lily.

We all look different, but that doesn't mean we aren't all stunning!

Every woman is uniquely beautiful.

Boudoir is just a concrete reminder of this truth.

"The most alluring thing
a woman can have
is confidence."


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