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What should I bring? 

You'd be surprised at how many "normal" pieces of clothing can be used in an artistic boudoir way. Have some baggy sweaters or kimonos laying around? Bring them! Have a fun scarf you like? Bring it! Leather jackets can be fun, hats can be nice for a bit more of a mystery shot, or to cover up pieces of a more nude pose. If you want to bring a trash bag full of clothes for us to sort through, do it! 

If you have any props or sentimental things you'd like to add in, we can try it out! I had a client bring her boyfriend's captain hat and we had a lot of fun with it. We will also talk through this kind of stuff during your consultation, and I will give you a Guide to Lingerie and you can check out my

Pinterest Board for more fun ideas of things to bring or buy!

When it comes in the lingerie, bra, and undies portion of your wardrobe, I do have a few things, but I recommend bringing some bralettes, bras, lacy underware, and lingerie of your own to ensure good fit and that it matches with your personality. Again, check out my Guide to Lingerie and Pinterest Board for ideas and if you need help don't hesitate to text or email me photos or links.

How do I prepare?

There are lots of things you can do to get ready for your Boudoir session. Check out my blog "Preparing For Your Boudoir Session" to get some info on prep and links to blogs that will help even more!

How should I do makeup and hair?

We will have a hair and makeup artist on site! You can do it yourself if you really want, although I highly suggest getting it done professionally because it comes across so wonderfully in photos. However if you are set on doing it yourself, the main thing I would stick with is a hair down style, this allows us to have more fun with your hair. Makeup-wise I would at least start off with something a little more on the tame side, eyes can be more all out, but it is easier to add more lipstick and eyeshadows and layer on for different looks throughout the shoot than to have to re-do everything if you want a few with a more natural look. Eyes are the biggest thing for me, having your eye makeup done really helps make your beautiful eyes stand out in the images!

Also there is no discount for doing your hair and makeup yourself, so you might as well get pampered with getting it done for you, because you also deserve to be pampered up! it is so fun!

I'm self conscious about my xzy... Can you help me with that?

This is definitely something we will go over in your consultation, I want to know anything and everything you'd like me to highlight or distract from.

For me I have learned that I don't love full on profile shots of myself, especially on my right side, or sometimes I'm a little self conscious of my rolls. Both those things can easily, EASILY be dealt with through posing and wardrobe. Anything you don't want to highlight we can work on through posing and wardrobe. I like to stay out of photoshop as much as possible, because I want you to look like you, because you are beautiful the way you are! 

Do you take women of all sizes?


Okay I kind of just wanted to leave that as the full answer but I'll expand. First of all, all shapes and sizes of women are gorgeous, it is all about self confidence and attitude. All sizes are sexy, have you seen Lizzo's music video for Truth Hurts? She is a pretty big girl and she looks GORGEOUS in her lingerie, her attitude and confidence really brings out her beauty!

“Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind.”

– Amisha Patel

I don't feel comfortable showing lots of skin, can I still do this?

TOTALLY! Boudoir is what you make it! I have lots of fun dresses and clothing options in my client closet that can be sexy without feeling too exposed. I'm sure you also have lots of pieces in your own closet that can be used in a sexy boudoir, remember this is YOUR narrative, YOUR sexy, you get to define it.

Do you do full nude portraits?

I do! I love nude, because the human body is just so beautiful! If you are interested in full nude we can definitely talk about that during your consultation. There are different types of nude photography, I tend to go more towards classic artistic nude portraits, but if you want to put it all out there we can talk about that!

What will you do with my images? What if I don't want them online? 

 I TOTALLY understand if you don't want your images shared with the public! You can rest assured that your images will never be shared without your permission. No one sees your images (except me) before you do. I am the only one editing these images, and the next person to see them will be you during your viewing and ordering session. If you end up not being able to do the viewing and ordering session in person and get an online gallery, that gallery is ONLY visible by those who have the link and login info and I will ONLY be giving that link to you. 


During your viewing session we will discuss what level of comfort you have with me using your images. You can choose anything between giving me full rights to use all your images for anything from promo to website to social media. You can give me permission to use only some of the images, or in certain ways. You can give me different levels of permission, say you are okay with them being on my website but not social media. You can also say you don't want them seen anywhere except in your album. We will talk in depth about what your are comfortable with and not comfortable with. I am here for you, so we will figure out exactly how to use your photos so that you feel most comfortable. 

How far in advance should I book?

There are a few things to consider here. I recommend that women schedule a few months in advanced, so we have enough time to talk everything over, figure out exactly what you need, and so you have a little bit more budget time. If you are giving your imagery to someone else as a gift, I recommend having your shoot date scheduled about 2 months prior to when you need the finished product in-hand. All that being said It's never too early to email me and get the conversation started and get you in the books. 

Keep in mind that your viewing session will be 1-2 weeks after your session and depending on what you order (and if you pay for everything up front or not, make sure to read the payment plans question below) it could take 3-4 weeks for you products to arrive at my studio, and if you are having them shipped to your address and not picking your products up with me, it could take an additional couple weeks for your products to get from me to you.

I don't trust the mail to be speedy, but if you need me to rush ship something I can but it will be an extra cost.

How much will this all cost? 

Your 30% retainer fee is due at the time of your booking to save your slot. Packages start at $1750, some digitals and products are included in that, and then clients can purchase extra products or digitals after that, many clients spend anywhere between $600-$1500 over their session fee on digitals and products.

Check out more details about pricing on my Pricing and Products page.

Do you have payment plans? 

Yes! I offer 0% interest payment plans because I understand the power of budgeting. Any personalized payment plan we come up with will be loaded into your personal client portal for you to look at and check at any time. This personal client portal also allows to you pay more than your upcoming invoice if you want. For example if we put together a payment plan of $200 a month for 5 months, and on month 3 you decide you want to put down $300 instead, the payment plan will allow you to do that and will change your next payment accordingly.

Keep in mind however, that you won't get your products until everything is paid in full, so think about that too when you are figuring out when to book, you can start paying before the session even starts to help out with this detail.

Do you offer digitals? 

Yes, and although you can get "just digitals" you save on the digitals if you buy an album along with them. I also don't suggest buying "just digitals" because if you are going so far as to pay to have this beautiful art of yourself created, it only makes sense to see it through to a final material product and not let it die or get lost on your digital devices. If you do print the digitals on your own, the discount printers you will most often find cannot offer the quality, timelessness or privacy that my professional lab can. 

Can I bring a friend or partner? 

Since this session is for YOU, I would prefer there not be any outside influence at your session. I don't want you to be thinking about what the other person in the room is thinking, even if it is positive, I want you focused on you. I also want to be as efficient with your time as I can and having someone else there can be a distraction and slow down our productivity. However of course each situation is different and if you really feel you need someone with you and that it won't negatively effect your session, we can talk about that.

It is also an option to SHOOT a session with someone else, be that a couples boudoir session or you and your friend just have that kind of relationship that doing boudoir TOGETHER would be AWESOME, I am all for that! 

What if I want to do my session outside? 

Outdoors and the human body pair soooo well together. I am definitely up for going outside. During your consultation we can talk about where outdoors you'd like to go and how exactly we'd like to pair you and nature together. Depending on where you want to go, and how far away it is, an increased session fee may be implemented to cover cost of travel or extra time needed to cover what we want to cover. Another option however to avoid a travel fee would be to get a group of girls together that all want to do outdoor sessions in the same location, minimum 4 girls to avoid the travel fees.

Do you offer any destination sessions? 

This is something I am very interested in offering in the future. To make a destination session worth it I need to have a good number of clients all interested in shooting in the same place, so if you and a group of friends want to make a vacation out of a destination boudoir session,

let me know and we can talk all about it!

Will you photoshop me? 

The answer is not exactly black and white. While I will edit to make your skin look it's best, and I make the colors pop and tweak the light, I like to keep the "Photoshopping" minimal. I rely on posing and angles to distract from anything you don't want highlighted in your session, or areas that may concern you (which they shouldn't you're gorgeous, but I get it, I'm the same way). 

I definitely will edit out minor blemishes and smooth skin a bit, things like that, but I want these to still look like you! The goal is to make you look as good as you do in real life, so if there is something in an image that I feel does not accurately portray how you truly look, I'll address it, but I won't make you look like you weigh 100 lbs, because 1. that is a lot of editing and you'd end up being the one paying for that extra time, and 2. we are trying to downplay the awful magazine cover lies and portray REAL sexy not made up ideal magazine sexy. If you have scars that you'd like taken out we can discuss it, but they are a part of your story and therefore beautiful. I want these images to portray YOUR sexy, not society's unrealistic BS.

The main rule of thumb is, if it’s permanent, it stays.

What is your refund policy? Can I reschedule?

I get it, life happens! In most situations I am happy to work with you on rescheduling. However, if you contact me to reschedule with less than 14 days notice, you forget about your appointment or you reschedule more than once, the portion of the session fee that you’ve already paid is not refundable or transferable. When you sign the contract, I’m blocking that day out, and if you get hair and makeup, they are also blocking that time out for you. I’m also turning away people interested in shooting that day and therefore losing potential business.

Yes, I make exceptions for certain special cases, but for the most part these are just the rules I've had to implement to run a successful business.

If you provide more than 14 days notice, you may transfer the portion of the session fee you’ve already paid to a future date within 60 days of your original session date.

Due to the custom nature of photography, the session fee and anything you've already purchased is non-refundable. 

paymet plans

Have a questions I didn't answer?

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