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Full Thesis Statement


A major struggle in today's society revolves around the conflicting views and opinions of female sexuality. It is confusing sometimes for women to figure out, find, and be comfortable with their sexuality. Not just sexual orientation, but the state of being sexual, owning their own bodies and nature. It is hard being a woman who can own up to a healthy sexual nature in our society. Women are too often judged or objectified. I feel that society tells me to be ashamed of my sexuality. Even when I am told to embrace it and be confident in who I am, it is still hard to integrate these two sides of myself without fear of judgement, shame, and objectification.

Each photograph consists of two different images of myself, digitally manipulated to become one scene. Using Adobe Photoshop I was able to create these scenes interacting in different ways with the sexual side of myself. I made visible my internal struggle with sexuality by putting a face, my own face, to the part of me that doesn't always feel accepted. By doing so, I confronted the fact that she is a part of me regardless of anyone else's opinion. I know I am not the only woman who struggles with these issues. I am not the only woman who has been called a slut, has had a man treat me like an object, has had another woman treat me differently because of my sexuality, or any number of other unacceptable occurrences. It is not owning up to a healthy sexuality that is unacceptable, it is the way we women are still treated for doing so.

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