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Preparing for Your Boudoir Session

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

You are booked, you've check out all the pricing, and you are ready to start prepping!!!

Best things to do to prepare for your session!

I want to start things off by saying, DON'T STRESS, I know there are so many things you can do to prepare for your shoot, and life is crazy, and you might not get to everything or anything on this list and that IS OKAY.

I have had clients follow all these prep tips, bring tons of outfits, have lots of ideas in mind, AND I have had clients follow none of these prep tips, bring almost NO outfits and have no ideas of what they wanted to do in their shoot, and we have created beautiful art and had an amazing time in both scenarios!

So whatever works best FOR YOU, is what works best for your shoot.

It is YOUR shoot, for YOUR be.YOU.tifulness.

So now let's jump into some prep tips!

  • Practicing

The first thing I want to talk about, might also be one of the most helpful, and that is exploring what you like about yourself, poses, outfits, looks, vibes, through either just hanging out in front of a mirror or cell phone self portraiture!

I want you to work on accepting the things you maybe don't love about yourself and exploring further the things you do! Try looking at yourself in the mirror AS A WHOLE, don't get too close and dissect yourself, narrowing in on all the separate little details you don't love. Look at ALL of you, everything you love and everything you don't at the same time.

Try to look at yourself like you would look at a friend, your whole self, personality, looks, vibes, everything.

Pick out things you love about yourself and focus on those, COMPLIMENT YOURSELF.

Try out different poses but try not to get too attached to what you think it is SUPPOSED to look like, if you don't like how it looks delete the image (either mentally in a mirror or physically on your phone) and move on to the next. For example I love those images of women with intense back arches, but my back after two back surgeries, just doesn't do that. I can still appreciate those photos of others, but if I try to recreate that pose it just isn't going to look the same and THAT IS OKAY. Same goes for outfits, if you try something on and it doesn't make you feel great, take it off and try something else, it is NOT YOU it is the clothes that are wrong.

This way when you show up to your shoot you will have a bit more of an idea of what you like for your unique individual wonderful self, and we can keep exploring as we go!

  • Stretching!

Boudoir is a lot more physical than you may think, you may have seen photos of girls where it just looks like they're lying on a comfy bed, but there's a lot more going on and you may use muscles you've never used before, so stretching beforehand can save you from a little bit of next day soreness.

  • Hydration!

For both your skin and your body! Lotion and water are your best friends. You want your skin as supple and dewy as possible, so keep the lotion coming. And water! Water, Water, Water! You need to stay hydrated! This will also help your skin look luminous, but it will also help you feel good and energetic!

  • Shaving and Waxing! (If you do that)

If you are planning to shave or wax any hair off before your session, make sure that you do it ahead of time enough to avoid razor burn or skin rash. If shaving, I'd also recommend using a brand new blade for your bikini line, it helps reduce the red bumps!

  • Avoid Tight Clothing

Wear loose clothing on the night before and day of your boudoir session. This will help avoid having those lines and indentations some clothes can leave on your skin, such as tight bras, tight socks, etc!

  • Trying Out Outfits

Look through my Guide to Lingerie, or my more in depth Learn More About Lingerie blog post, to figure out what kind of lingerie or outfits you want to start looking for to either buy or from what you already own!

  • Pinterest

Check out my Boudoir Wardrobe Pinterest Board for some more ideas of things you can bring or buy for you session, as well as just general vibe inspiration for your shoot! If you'd like to create a boudoir inspiration board to help show me the vibe you're going for feel free, just know that every shoot and photo is unique so I won't be perfectly duplicating others photos, but I'd love to get a feel for the vibe and kinds of poses you're interested in.

  • Shoes

If you want the heels and lingerie look, I suggest bringing a black and a nude heel so you know you'll have a pair that goes with any outfit! I have had plenty of clients though not bring any shoes and just go with the pointed foot look so don't stress if you can't find the right heel or you aren't a heel type person!

  • Treat Yoself

Now that you've learned all about lingerie and different things you may want to wear during your session it is time to Treat Yoself (parks and rec anyone?) This means go out and buy that pretty lingerie you've always wanted! Buy that fun lacy bathing cover up you've never had an excuse to buy. Buying these new fun items that fit your body and personality will not only make your photos more interesting and unique, but it will help to boost your confidence, it will get you excited and help you look you best. It is always best to try lingerie on beforehand, so check out your local lingerie locations and try some stuff on! (If you are in Durango I suggest checking out Dolce, Sparrow, Fallen Angel or Animas Trading). Figure out the style and size that fits you best in both personality and actual fit. Maybe even bring a friend with you, someone you trust who will be honest and supportive, to help you find exactly that right thing for you, or text me pics! Something may look great on Pinterest or even on the hanger, but not be the most flattering for your specific body or personality. I find things all the time that I think look so cool, then I try it on and it flatters my body but just doesn't feel like my personality. You want to make sure it feels like you!

  • Try on Your Outfits

So on that same subject, try on your outfits! Make sure the outfits you want to bring showcase your best features. Even if it is something you've owned for a long time, try it on and check yourself out in the mirror, your style may have changed or you may just not like it anymore. Knowing that what you are bringing to wear is going to show off what you want and de-emphasize what you want it to will make you feel more comfortable, confident and ensure you show your best side in your photographs. You can even get dressed up and practice some poses and facial expressions in the mirror!

And lastly, breathe! You are going to be amazing because you are amazing!

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