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Booking Tips

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Booking your Boudoir Session, how hard can it be?

Honestly it is not hard at all, once you know when you want to book it! I recommend that women schedule AT LEAST a few months in advance.

If you are reaching out hoping to have your shoot next week and the products in a few weeks, there is a high likelihood we won't be able to get that done.

We want to we have enough time to talk everything over, figure out exactly what you need, and possibly some budget and shopping time before we even have your shoot. Then I need enough time after your shoot to edit your imagery, schedule your ordering session and create your products, especially if you have a set date you need your products by.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to book your boudoir session.

  • Are planning on gifting any of this imagery to someone?

  • If you are gifting your imagery to someone, I recommend having your shoot date scheduled about 2 months prior to when you need the finished product in-hand. That means that if you are giving this as a Christmas present, then you need to schedule it so that your session is no later than October 25th, that is if you plan to have it all paid for before early December as well.

  • Your viewing session will be 1-2 weeks after your session and depending on what you order, and if you pay for everything up front or not (make sure to read the about payment plans below). It could take a few weeks for me to design your products after you've selected your imagery, and it could take another weeks for your products to arrive after you've approved them and we have ordered them. I don't trust the mail to be speedy, but if you need me to rush ship something, I can at an extra cost.

  • Are you wanting an outdoor session? Well then we need to talk about seasons, do you want blooming flowers, sunny summer, autumn leaves, white winter? If you want something in the fall, I suggest you book as soon as possible as that is my busiest time of the year and gets filled up pretty quick!

Now I mentioned payment plans before. You can choose to pay off your Boudoir Products through a payment plan, a percentage of your total will be due at your ordering session, then we can figure out the rest based on your specific needs.

The reason this makes a difference in when you choose to book is that you won't get any of your products until they are fully paid off. So if you wanted to give a little album to your partner for Christmas, and you put together a $3000 package, you would need that to be all paid off by the beginning of December to have your products in your hands by Christmas.

Lots to think about, but the biggest factor is just making sure you are ready to fully embrace the beauty that is YOU.

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