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Boudoir Sessions - What to Know

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Wondering what a Boudoir session with Kara Cavalca is like?

Well let's walk through is step by step.

We will start by just sitting down and sharing a drink.

We can have wine, champagne, tea or coffee depending on your preference,

although alcohol will help a bit with the nerves if you need that haha.

You will get your hair and makeup styled by our talented hair and makeup artist.

We will look through all the outfits you brought, and what I have in my closet that may work for you. This allows us to plan the session out a little bit instead of having to stop between each outfit to figure out what is next.

The actual session will last somewhere between 1.5-2 hours. In this time we will cover various outfits, poses, and settings. This meaning that we will change locations around the room, throughout the house, or if we're outside we will go to different locations. We will cover multiple poses in each location. Overall I normally am able to fit 2-4 outfits (with variation) into each session.

Where will the session take place you ask? Well we have a few options

  • You can choose to have your session at my in home studio, this is where I have my boho studio room, but I also have various other unique fun spots around the house we can use. We will have access to my entire client closet and all my drink options here, as well as some of my larger props.

  • We can also have your session at your own home, if we do this option it is best if I arrive early to scout out all the potential shooting locations in and around your home. In this case I will bring some clothing pieces that I think might be fun to work with, and we can also look through all your clothing options since we will be in your house where I presume you keep all your clothes haha.

  • We can discuss outdoors, this option varies depending on time of year, what kind of outdoor location you are hoping for, and if there is any travel required. We will do a bit more planning to figure out the logistics of whatever we decide, so more than just the first consultation may be necessary before the day of the shoot.

  • We can also renting an airbnb or hotel space. Keep in mind if this is an option you are interested in you will be responsible for the cost of renting whatever space we end up going with.

Boudoir Sessions are not easy. I mean in the physical sense. I know when looking through Boudoir images ,all the ladies usually look all sexy and relaxed laying on a bed or standing against a wall, but it can be a bit of a workout! Sexy poses are rarely easy or all too comfortable. I mean think about it, the most comfortable position for me is laying blobbed out on my couch in my sweat pants haha. So come ready for some back arches, stretching, and a lot of sitting and standing up straight! Then maybe take a few Advil the next day.

That being said the sessions are really fun! It is fun feeling sexy, dressing up and having some champagne. So also come ready to have fun, find YOUR sexy and discover your beauty and confidence, it is going to be an amazing experience!

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