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Happy Galentine's Day!

Happy Galentine's Day beautiful people!

I know Valentine's Day is usually focused on romantic love, but I've been so happy to see that it has been branching out to lots of other types of love, friend love, family love, and then there's the new fun trend of galentine's day, which I am a huge fan of.

Galentine's day is a time to love on all your gal pals, get together and lift each other up! I love seeing women making that extra effort to support and love each other.

But there's another kind of love I also want you to start focusing on when Valentine's comes around. Self love! It is great to lift each other up, but your ability to love and support your friends and let them know they are wonderful, strong, beautiful women, does somewhat rely on you being able to love yourself the same way. If we can all love ourselves, we allow ourselves to love each other even more.

We are all like a big bouquet of flowers, and aren't all the flowers beautiful? You don't think a lily is less beautiful because it doesn't look like an orchid right? So why do we think we are less beautiful because we don't look like someone else?

I know it is so hard sometimes to see a woman you think is just GORGEOUS and not immediately jump to comparison and thing of all the things you think are gorgeous about her that are different from yourself, and usually the assumptions that come from this kind of comparison are that you are not attractive because you don't look like that.

Here's a little analogy I found to show how silly that is. Imagine being a rose, looking at a bunch of daisies, thinking you were ugly because you didn't look like them? That they have smooth stems while you have thorns, and that you have all these petals curling up on top of each other, while they have pretty straight petals reaching out for the sun. NO! You're a f**king rose! You are not less than the daisies, you are just a different kind of beauty. Some people prefer roses to daisies, some prefer daisies to roses, but that doesn't make either one less beautiful.

I remember in college getting ready for a night out, my two roommates and I were all getting ready in the bathroom, and as we all looked in the mirror putting on our makeup, I just stopped and looked at all of us next to each other. WOW we all looked SO different. I had this wild brown curly hair, round face, pretty pale skin, my one roommate was Puerto Rican, gorgeous dark skin, black straight hair, full lips and curvy figure, my other roommate had beautiful porcelain skin, short dark hair, cute nose, full hips and a tiny waist, thin arms.

We all looked so so different, but we were all SO beautiful. I so vividly remember this moment because it was the moment I realized I could see a beautiful girl, and recognize her beauty separately from mine instead of comparing her beauty to mine and getting sad. Just because that girl downtown looked so good in her short shorts, doesn't take away from the fact that I look pretty dang good in my leggings. Just because someone else is beautiful in an entirely different way than you are, doesn't make you less beautiful than them. . Comparison is the thief of joy! We can waste so much time and energy comparing ourselves to others and thinking those differences we find are negative in some way. But that is just not true! I think it's great we all look so different, that we can pull off different styles, have different beautiful features, have such different kinds of beauty. Because as beautiful as a bouquet of roses is, I am always blown away by the combination of all the different flowers together, and the beauty of those roses doesn't make me think any less of the beauty in a bouquet of peonies.

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