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Super Bowl Halftime Show

I know everyone has been putting their two cents in about the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and I have already posted something on facebook about it, but I feel like there are so many points to hit it would be easier to do so in blog form.

First of all, there being so many people who were worried about the show not being family friendly blew my mind for a few reasons. First, football has never promised to be “family friendly” have people forgotten cheerleaders exist? Who are also seriously talented women. Second I don't understand why it wasn't family friendly, I watched the Super Bowl with lots of kids around and none of them seems scarred or even seemed to notice honestly, and last year nobody had a problem with Adam Levine’s abs not being family friendly.

I think being upset about two beautiful women owning what they have obviously worked hard to become, that is much more damaging to children than them seeing a super sexy 50 year old rock her skills on a pole.

By being upset, and showing these kids that they should be upset, we are telling them that it is not okay to own your body, own your skills, and own your sexuality. We are sending a message of shame, and that is not okay!

I had no idea people would be so upset about two sexy ladies, each over 40, showing off their sexy skills at a halftime show. There have been so many halftime shows in the past that showcased talented women, and maybe I just missed it then, but I don't remember there being this kind of outrage about it.

So why was this time different? Was it because there was a pole on stage? Because I thought that was amazing! Pole dancing is HARD people! It takes sooo much strength and skill, and to not only be able to DO that at age 50 but to have recently LEARNED how to do that is sooo impressive. Check out a little behind the scenes of JLo learning how to do this.

Were people upset because there were so many Latin American references that we white people, who let's be honest are most likely the majority of the people outraged by this show, didn't understand? I thought it was amazing, as my Latin American friends help me see all the cultural references throughout their show! It seemed like all their dances were references to different latin or afro-latin cultural dances. Here are a few great blogs to read about all the meaning that was packed into this show. The Hill and MSU

Be honest, if you looked like that and could do what they can do, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you be proud of all the work you've put in to become so skilled at dancing so many different styles of dance? Proud of how you can own the stage, and be a strong powerful woman? Wouldn't you want to show that pride, show other women how amazing it is to be women and to not be afraid of your sexuality?

If you truly don't understand why this show was so empowering, I suggest getting a boudoir session done so you can feel a little bit of the power that comes with owning your sexuality, to know why being proud of your body and yourself, is one of the best feelings in the world!

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