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What to Expect

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

What should you expect from this whole process?

Well first you have to decide that you are fully committed and willing to explore yourself and find your sexy. You have to decide you are open to realizing how beautiful and amazing you are and ready to document it in a powerful and artistic way.

Second thing, before we go any further with anything, is to make sure you have thoroughly checked out my pricing and products information on my website so you know the full investment you want to make and don't get blindsided by the numbers. The last thing I want is for your session to be tainted by shock and stress.

After that we start with...

1. A Consultation Meeting

After you have contacted me about a session, we will set up a meeting time for you to come to my at home studio, your house or another meeting location of your choosing to discuss your ideas, goals, visions, as well as answer any questions you may have, plan out your session and set your date. If you are interested in something a little more than the traditional Boudoir studio session, such as outdoors, couple's sessions, special locations or anything else you can think of, this is the time to talk about it. We will also go over wardrobe, things you want to focus on about your body or distract from, and any physical limitations you may have such as injuries or if you're like me lack of flexibility haha, and last but certainly not least we will talk about pricing.

If you choose to book your session at this time, I will send you your booking proposal which will have your contract and retainer deposit and there you will set up your client portal. Then we have a more in depth look at pricing and products. If you know what you want and want to order your products right then and there, I do offer some discounts to clients who purchase their products before their session. We can also create payment plans for your products in your client portal.

2. Personal Prep

After you have had your first meeting and feel confident about how this will all happen, it’s time to gather outfits, go crazy on Pinterest, including my boudoir wardrobe Pinterest page, continue asking me any questions you have, and get ready for your session! There are a lot of things you can do to prep for your session, be sure to read my full blog post about Preparation For Your Boudoir Session!

3. Session Day!

It's the big day! You've done all the prep and you are ready to go! We will start by just sitting down together and sharing a drink. We can have wine, champagne, tea or coffee, depending on your preference. Keep in mind however that alcohol can help a bit with the nerves if you feel like you might need that! Then you'll have your hair and makeup styled by our lovely hair and makeup artist, (unless you've chosen to do your own or get it down beforehand by someone else).

After you're all ready to go, we've chatted a bit, had your hair and make up done, looked through all our outfit options and have them all planned out, we will shoot for between 1.5-2 hours. In this time we will cover various outfits, poses, and settings.

You can choose to have your session at my in home studio, at your own home, or we can discuss outdoors or renting an airbnb or hotel space. If we rent a space you will be responsible for the charge of renting that space. If we end up doing an outdoor session, know that will involve a bit more planning and certain travel fees may apply depending on how far away from the Durango area you'd like to go. (I consider tall the neighboring towns like Pagosa, Silverton, Dolores, Farmington etc. to be the Durango area, pretty much an hour or so drive is like here haha)

4. Viewing and Ordering

This is when you get to finally see your beautiful images!

There are two ways for this to go, in person viewing session or online gallery viewing session.

It is a good idea, if you haven't pre-purchased any collections or products, to look over the price guide one more time before your viewing session to help determine how exactly you want to narrow down your images.

In Person Viewing

In person viewing sessions tend to be 1-2 weeks after your session depending on time of year and how our schedules align.

We will start off with a little video of a select few images set to music! After that we will go through all your images together and help narrow down your favorites. First we will go through them all and select any and all images that you like, that includes maybes. After the first pass we will look through all your selected images again and start narrowing it down. This is when it is good to know what you are aiming for product-wise because all the album and digital collections are based and priced on the number of images you want.

As we are narrowing it down, you may decide you can't narrow it down any more, if the number of images you want surpasses the max number of images in the highest collection we can start talking about how best to use all your images. I like to put aside a very large chunk of time for these viewing sessions so we can take as much time as you need to narrow it down and figure out what products and collections work best for you and the images you want.

All album designs will be proofed for your approval before ordering.

Online Gallery Viewing

For the online gallery viewing, this is if there is just no way for us to set up an in person viewing in a timely manner, I will send you an online gallery of all your images. They will be watermarked in the gallery but any purchased images will never be watermarked.

Screenshotting images in the gallery is considered stealing, this is just a place for you to view and favorite your images.

You will need to look over the price guide again to help you know how many images you want to favorite for your album. Select your favorites and then submit them to me, I will look over them and either give you some of my own input or I'll get straight to designing your album and submitting the design proof for your approval.

If you want extra digitals, say you got a 30 image album but you like 50 of photos, first focus on the images you want in the album and submit those to me. After we have figured out your album you can let me know which extra digital files or extra prints and products you would like. This will mostly all be over email but we can facetime or call too if your needs are more complex.

If you only want digitals, then you can favorite as many as you want to purchase. If you want to purchase more than 30 digitals, the max number on the collections, it will be $35 per digital. If you want less than 10, the minimum number on the collections, it will be $60 per digital.

So as I'm sure you can see the in person viewing experience is a little easier, but I am totally willing to work with your needs on viewing your imagery!

If you have any questions about any stage in this whole process from booking to viewing, don't hesitate to reach out!

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